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Microdot technology supporting Event Management


Human beings are social beings. That said, events and entertainment in Kenya have been those industries that have had stability compared to other industries. In this digital world, events are well publicized leading to massive turnouts.

To be able to adequately manage and satisfy the masses that turn out in large events, organizers sub-contract other companies to supply different components eg loud speakers, equalizers, mixers, lighting, furniture, tickets, security devices etc. All these get tangled up during an event and becomes a disaster as confusion arises  regarding what equipment is owned by which company. Some employees also remove components eg the speaker from a unit and replace it with a low quality one. Most lighting systems are of the same make, model and manufacturer creating confusion. Even if they are tagged, some criminals will opt to re-label them because they are of high value.

On the other hand, organizers opt to sell tickets in advance to prevent too much crowding at the entrance during the event day. The supplier of the tickets might opt to manufacture more than specified in order to sell or give to friends and family.

All these can be solved using microdot technology.

For event equipment, marking with microdots will provide a permanent and tamper proof marking of an asset minimizing confusion and fraud. Using the example of public address system, the owner may have realized that the speakers are not performing as they should. Upon inspecting the body and actual speaker , he/she will realize that it was changed to a low quality one when it was hired out as that new part does not have the microdots.

On ticketing, the actual event organizer can microdot easily all the tickets issued in advance using our asset marking pen. Therefore, at the event entrance, they can be able to differentiate the legally issued tickets from the illegally issued ones though all of the tickets are genuine.

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