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Microdotting. One more ideal step to be taken by a car buyer in Kenya?

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Kenya has many used cars available for purchase. This is evident by the number of online sellers and the multiple car dealers located along major roads. Therefore, it’s in our opinion that due diligence should be undertaken by a buyer who’s keen on having peace of mind while owning a used vehicle.

Despite the basic considerations weighed on such as one’s monthly budget, the retail value of a vehicle and its reviews from owners of a similar one, a challenge that a buyer might encounter is falling victim to buying a cloned vehicle.

So what is cloning?

A cloned vehicle, as a term, is used to describe a car that has had its identity changed, usually because it is a stolen or hijacked vehicle.

Cloning refers to the exact duplication or copy of a car which was legally bought and registered. Criminals would transfer the stamped Vehicle Identity Number (VIN) number, the printed VIN sticker and the stamped engine numbers from legally owned vehicles to illegally obtained vehicles of the same make, model and color, to legitimize the stolen vehicle. As a result, there are two or more cars that look exactly the same regarding their identity and vehicle identification.

The implementation of microdotting on vehicles should be adopted by the relevant Kenyan authorities so as to ensure that its citizens do not fall prey to such unscrupulous dealings. For every vehicle that’s been fitted with Veridot’s microdot technology, whereby thousands of microdots would have been sprayed onto various locations of the car with each dot containing a PIN which when referenced to a secure database would identity the original identity of the vehicle, a cloned vehicle can be identified.

In our opinion, full implementation of this technology in Kenya would curb this vice to a huge extent.

Therefore, in an ideal Kenya, what additional step would an individual take before or after buying a vehicle?

Apart from ensuring that all the proper documents are in hand, such as a detailed invoice, proof of payment, inspection certificates, service history and proof of insurance, one other thing to be aware of would be the microdot status of the vehicle.


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