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Securing household/company assets with microdot technology

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We all have at least one family member  or friend that came home from work or school only to find the house robbed and left empty. This is not a pleasant situation to be in.  Businesses are also victims of robbery as company assets are in high demand and are not easily identified due to the sheer number of similar assets in the market.

Such assets include desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, radios, home theater systems, micro waves, printers, fridges, washing machines, air conditioners etc..

On the other hand, police officers conduct raids on holding areas of these criminals and recover thousands of assets that have been stolen. Police also arrest criminals who have just committed a robbery and recover the assets.

Since these assets mostly do not have their serial numbers or tags registered with the owner details, they end up being labeled as unclaimed therefore destroyed or auctioned.

Malilock can help bridge this gap and secure company/household assets using microdot technology.

Microdotting of the assets involves application of serialized tiny nickel metals (microdots) to your high-value assets such as laptops and jewelry in order to deter thieves and assist in their identification and recovery if lost/stolen. We have a pen with 3,000 of these microdots. Each pen can mark up to 20 items in the company or household. After application, the serial number of the microdots is registered under the company or home owner and the marked assets inventoried.

It is virtually impossible to remove all the tiny microdots spread in various random locations of an asset. Only one microdot is enough to ascertain the status and identity of an item.

There are many benefits which come with microdotting your assets:

  1. Thieves consider microdotted assets contaminated hence less desirable. This deters them from stealing microdotted assets.
  2. Instead of police disposing or auctioning recovered property since the owners are unknown, with microdotted assets the serial number of the microdot is linked to the contact details of the owner hence rapid owner identification.
  3. Microdots strengthen criminal cases  and increase conviction rates as they provide absolute evidence linking a property to an owner in a crowded market of duplicate assets.
  4. Household/company assets that are insured get discounted insurance rates as the assets are considered to be of a low risk profile.

Contact us today and have your assets microdoted!

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