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Securing your bicycle with microdot technology

Microdotting, Recovery Platform

The exact number of bicycles stolen in Kenya is hard to determine since theft of bicycles is hardly reported to the police. To add salt to injury, a small fraction of the bicycles that have been stolen and recovered by police are returned to the owners. This is because it is very hard to determine who the real owner is since bicycles do not have registration plates. The police are left with no option other than to auction or dispose them off legally.

Regardless of all these discouraging statistics, you can now permanently secure/protect your bicycle, increase chances of recovery in the unfortunate case of theft and also enable return of the lost bicycles through the use of Veridots’ microdot technology.

So what is Veridots’ microdot technology?

Veridot bicycle kit installation involves the application of 3,000 microdots on your bicycle on over 20 different positions.

Having your bicycle Veridotted entails:

  • Thousands of microscopic dots being applied to specific parts of your vehicle which clearly identify you as the rightful and legal owner.
  • A warning label being applied to your vehicle to deter potential criminals.
  • Your unique VERIDOT® identifier and vehicle details being stored on a national database.

Veridot application video:

The Veridot bicycle asset marker contains 3000 microscopic dots in a convenient, easy-to-use brush-pen applicator. Simply twist the back of the pen to dispense the adhesive and microdots onto the brush, then neatly apply to your bicycle in various locations to make them too risky to thieves! Police, insurance companies, retailers and the public can determine the original identity of any microdotted bicycle or individual parts sold as second hand spares. This makes Veridot microdotting technology an effective theft deterrent and recovery solution. Getting your bicycle microdotted with Veridot Technology gives you peace of mind .

This technology is proven. Since 2012, all new cars, motorbikes and trailers sold in South Africa are required by law to incorporate microdot protection. Since then:

  • 68,000+ vehicles are microdotted monthly.
  • There’s a 65% recovery rate of vehicles fitted with microdots.
  • 750,000+ vehicle identification kits distributed to SA police.
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