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Securing your child’s belongings with microdot technology

Lost and Found, Microdotting, Recovery Platform

Being careless is just a phase of children as they grow up. Therefore, it is essential that all children’s belongings are named/marked so that lost property can be returned easily to avoid frustration for children, parents and school staff.

Many parents in Kenya opt to physically write or stick the child’s name visibly on the belongings so that they can easily be recognized. This has traditionally worked tho not fully effective because they can be erased or they interfere with the functionality of the item.

Veridot Microdot technology will offer both functional, permanent and covert means of marking your child’s belonging while still keeping it fully functional during its lifetime.

This identification system includes three different elements to safeguard your child’s assets depending on what is being marked:
• Asset-marking pen utilising our unique microdot technology
• QR coded stickers that will send you a “found” message when scanned
• Invisible permanent UV marking pen

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