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Why Veridot® Microdots and Not Any Other?

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Microdot Technology is a process of spraying thousands of microscopic dots onto vehicles or other assets in order to provide a unique identification. Each Microdot carries this unique identification which is registered to the owner, but is not visible to the naked eye. Microdot Technology is used in an attempt to combat car theft and has also been used in the recovery of vehicles which have been stolen. Here are some facts on Microdot Technology:

  1. Counterfeiting a Veridot® microdot is virtually impossible due the covert security measures in every microdot.
  2. All Veridot® microdotted assets are logged onto a database and this information is used to track the rightful owner of an asset.
  3. Microdots are virtually impossible to remove which makes them one of the best vehicle security measures.

Veridot is a unique asset identification protection and recovery product which specialises in Microdot Technology. An ABS approved product of a South African Company, Holomatrix (Pty) Ltd, Veridot utilises microdot technology together with an advanced online database so that the microdots can be accurately and quickly identified.

Veridot®  Microdots

The dots are produced from nickel and the unique PIN is created by a patented chemical etching process that embeds the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on both sides that can be read easily by law enforcement.

The nickel microdot is a microscopic metallic hexagonal dot that varies from 0.3 mm – 1 mm in size. On each dot there is a laser etched 10 digit alpha numeric PIN, which can be customized depending on the client needs.

There are a number of Veridot Anti-Theft/Crime-Reduction products ranging from Pen Markers that contain 3000 microdots for secure identity of corporate/household assets such as bicycles, computers or tablets to Spray Cans that contain 10,000, 5000 or 3000 microdots meant to provide extra layer of identifiers for vehicles, trailers and motorbikes in that order.

Veridot Technology would allow secure access for the Law Enforcement and Insurance Investigators across Kenya to conduct investigations on  reported/flagged stolen property that have been registered in MaliLock database by the victims and ensure the return of the property to its rightful owner on the high likelihood of recovery if the asset had been microdotted.
Features of the Veridot®Microdots:
  •  Will survive temperatures in excess of 2,000F/1,455 °C
  •  Will survive saltwater and other natural corrosives
  •  The Microdots will survive long extended sun exposure without fading
  •  The Microdots cannot be duplicated providing true authentication

Veridot’s asset marking products have special adhesives that adhere to all types of surfaces. It is engineered once cured to not come off even with strong solvents or salt water contact.

Veridot’s spray cans are accompanied with a special adhesive with a red border that can be embedded with many microdots within it. This allows Law Enforcement to easily extract the microdots in case of an encounter with a suspicious vehicle and hence establish without doubt the authentic owner.

Veridot’s pen meant to mark assets such as bicycles, home and office gadgets, have a very special adhesive which fluoresces when exposed to a black light. This allows Law Enforcement to locate the location of the microdots and can then use a magnification scope to read the PIN.

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